These subtle fragrances are made with highest quality essential oils from Asia (Patchouli from Indonesia, Sandalwood), Africa (Rosemary from Marrocco, Vanilla of Madagascar ...) and, for the closest, from South Europe (Pine, Nutmeg ...)
As top notes, you always smell scents which are at the same time the strongest and the most ephemeral. They are the ones which make you buy the fragrance.
The middle notes reveal the fragrance’s character : they show your personality.
Then, base notes are less scented but they last a very long time and serve as a support for top notes. They make you faithful ... have to be cautious. Perfumes are living and made of alcohol. That is why, it is better for your own comfort to put your perfume on clothe, scarf or handbag in order to keep all the benefits and warm notes of fragrances ... Thus, your perfume will respect your health and sublimate your personality...